Barnard (Mrs Yaqub M, T, T & F / Mrs Trood W Year 3)

Welcome back to school Barnard Class! 
Monday -   PE day. All children need their PE kits in school. 
Wednesday - Maths/English homework to be given out
Friday -   Children's individual reading books will be changed. Please encourage your                 child to write a comment independently in their Reading Diaries.
                Spelling tests each week from the spelling pack given out in class.
Every day your child will read in class for 10 minutes to encourage 'reading for pleasure'.  In class they can read lounging on the sofa or lie on the floor if they want to. Your child can bring in their own book from home if they want to but it must be labelled.
We follow advice from the DfE and all photograph subjects have signed permission.
No, schools and local authorities are free to decide on their own policies relating to the use of such images or the release of associated information for their own publicity purposes. We do, however, advise that photographs and video images of pupils and staff are classed as personal data under the termsof the Data Protection Act 1998. Therefore using such images for school publicity purposes will require the consent of either the individual concerned or in the case of pupils, their legal guardians.
Barnard class have thoroughly enjoyed reading a book by Emily Gravett called 'Wolves'. It had them guessing and wondering, making inferences AND finding out facts about wolves! Everyone really enjoyed the surprises in the book and produced some amazing different types of writing.
Barnard Class took a step back in time in Forest School, entering into the 'Stone Age'. They made some tools and spears with twigs so they could 'forage' for food. Mrs Dillon helped us to make a fire so we could cook our stewed fruit, just like they did in the Stone Age. We thought about the problems they would've had and how they would've overcome them. We also discovered just how hard it would be to be a 'hunter' catching animals in the wild, especially when they realised they had to be very quiet to not scare the animals!