Durham (Miss Hancock Y2)

Covid-19 Home Learning
As you will be aware via the website and our Facebook page, the Summer 1 Learning Packs have been distributed to parents. You will find a copy of these below.
Please find below some information to help with your child's learning.
PE- Wednesday- Please make sure your child has their PE kits in school.
Reading books- will be changed on a Friday. Please ensure they are in your child's school bag everyday.
Home Learning- Given on a Friday and brought back in on the following Thursday. 
Mrs Balding
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For Bonfire Night, we got to look around the fire engine and learned how to be safe around fireworks.
We had a brilliant time in spooky science!
Spring Term
Multiplication & Division, Statistics, Properties of Shape, Fractions, Length & Height, Position & Direction
The Dark (calligram poetry, non-chronological reports, recounts)
Little Red Riding Hood (retell of a tradtional tale)
The Giraffe, Pelly and Me (creation myths, non-chronological reports, explanations)
Everyday Materials (exploring uses of materials, scientific investigations, properties of materials)
Animals and Humans (parts of the body, animal types, what we need to survive, importance of health and exercise)
Castles (The Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, The Royal Family)
Around the World (Japan, Poland, New York, Australia, Germany, Iceland)
Come and See
Topic 4 - Books
Topic 5 - Thanksgiving
Topic 6 - Opportunities 
Art & DT
Healthy Diet & Textiles
Henri Rousseau & Moving Pictures