Dear Parents and Carers
This week at St.Wilfrid’s we have managed to provide emergency child care for 10 children whose parents had no choice but to go to work. It was a privilege to do this and we will continue for as long as we can. A very small number of staff are in school on a rota basis and if not essential they are working from home. Some staff have to stay at home to safeguard themselves and their families and this has caused them some distress as they wish to “do their bit”. I am so proud to be working with such a caring and dedicated team of parents, governors and staff.
To safeguard everyone I want to stress that people should only leave home for
• Shopping for basic necessities as infrequently as possible
• One form of exercise a day- a walk, run or cycle alone or with members of your household.
• Any medical need or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
• Travelling to and from work but only where this is absolutely necessary and your work can’t be done from home.
This last category is where school fits. For some of you it is essential that you are at work and your work cannot be carried out at home. We therefore need to provide you with childcare so that you can do this.
I know you are all reflecting on your needs- our homes are the safest places for everyone and I know you are only using our service when you absolutely have to. Our booking system through Facebook and the school admin email is now up and running. Please let us know of your needs for the following week by Friday lunchtime at the latest so that we can arrange staffing.
If your child falls into the vulnerable pupil group you should book child care in the same way as key workers. If you can keep your children at home you should to keep everyone safe.
We will continue to offer this service for as long as we can safely do so-keeping St.Wilfrid’s staff fit and healthy is essential in this process-if we get ill we will not be able to look after the children.
For those of you doing an amazing job at home.
We are hearing that some of you are feeling very stressed by everything that is happening. This is an unprecedented emergency and we are all feeling the pressure of a very different way of living. What you are doing is distance learning and there is no right or wrong-you have always been your child’s first educator and you can make the decisions about what is best for your child.
We have sent packs home which should last for a couple of weeks. After that time we will try to supply additional work if it is safe to do so. In the meantime our brilliant staff have been collecting a huge range of resources for online learning and we will continue to do so. Please don’t think you have to access everything all at once- especially if you are trying to work from home as well!
And remember- building with Lego or blocks, drawing, playing in the mud and cooking and sharing stories are all fabulous learning. Keep it up!
Please be with your children as much as you can- talk to them, play with them and teach them patience and resilience. They are worried too.
And finally-look after yourselves and don’t be stressed about the things we can do nothing about at present. Enjoy being with your families and have fun with your children.
Keep in touch with us as we will with you
Take care and God Bless to you all.

Pauline Johnstone

Team St. Wilfrid’s.

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