Live streaming of activities

 Live Streaming via the internet
Here are some links to live streaming activities that you can do with your children during the day.
Chester Zoo - a live streaming to Chester Zoo. Watch the animals.
 They also have a lot of great activities to do about the zoo and than animals.
9:00am - PE with Joe: 30 minute workout
A daily workout by Joe Wicks specifically designed for children. Get your children moving, feeling energised, positive and optimistic.
You tube Channel: The BodyCoachTV
9:30am - Interactive Literacy Programme
Radio blogging interviews with authors and poets, including Pie Corbett. Interactive blogging and teaching. Shout outs to young writers and their writing read aloud.
9:30am every day- Dough disco - a finger workout for young children to increase fine motor skills.
11:00am - David Walliams Elevenses
David Walliams reads one of his books to the children each day at 11:00am. 
11:00am (Mondays) - Fischy Music Assembly
Join in with Fischy music for assembly at 11:00am. 
11.30am - Dance Class with Oti Mabuse
A children's class with the strictly pro, streaming form you tube.
3:00pm - Story time
Children's author James Mayhew reads a daily story on you tube. Check his twitter page for details
 Whether you are in school or at home, it's a great way to end the school day with a story.
6:00pm - Drawing with Steve Harpster
Live drawing event on Harptoons facebook page. Every day he will draw with families that are staying safe at home. (
6:00pm - Oliver Jeffers Reads aloud - a book a day
Friday at 10:00am- Seven stories the national centre for children's books