Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies
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What is Mini Vinnies?


‘Mini Vinnies’ is a St Vincent de Paul Group in our parish, made up of children from our school. It is a group of young people aged 5-11 who get together, organise and talk about helping others in need within our school and parish community and beyond. What makes Mini Vinnies such a valuable experience for the children who are part of it, is the change it makes in our school and parish communities. Our Mini Vinnies’ group meet once a week after school in the parish hall on Claremont Terrace.


What happens at a Mini Vinnies’ meeting?

A ‘President’ is elected by the Mini Vinnies to lead the meeting and organise the group. An adult will co-ordinate the group and give help and practical advice.

The President opens the meeting with a prayer.

A short spiritual reading/reflection/piece of music/meditation follows. The Group members could take turns to do this.          

Next we take part in the main focus task. 

Group members then talk about the Mini Vinnies’ activities they have done since the previous meeting.

Any future plans are then discussed.       

Concluding Prayer.


Please ask to speak to Mrs Stephanie Murdy(group leader) if you would like more information about Mini Vinnies