Mitford (Miss Richards and Mr. Alderson Reception)

Welcome to Mitford Class Page. 

Welcome to Reception! 

Welcome to Mitford Class page. 


Welcome to Mitford Class!

I hope that you all have a fantastic Summer holiday!

Welcome to our new to Reception class.

Children will return to school after the Summer Holidays on Wednesday 2nd September. We would usually have a phased entry for the Reception children, to help them get settled back into school after their six weeks break. However because the children have had such a long time off this year, we will be having the children in school for a longer period of time. Because of socially distancing it means that the school will have to have a staggered start to the day. This is so we do not have playgrounds full of parents and children. All Reception children will begin the school day at 9:30am. They will come in the school office door. normally we would allow parents and carers to accompany your child in to school to settle them. However this will not be possible this year. we will have teaching assistants at hand to support your child entering the school and bringing them to their appropriate class. It would really help if you discussed this with your child so they are prepared for this to happen. The school day will end at 2:30pm and again you will come to the school office to pick your child up. We ask that you stand in the car park. One family member can enter the foyer and we will let your child go with you. It is really important that you stand in the car park until the previous person has left the building.

Children are asked to bring minimal items into school. they will not be allowed to bring in any school bag. They can bring a water bottle in to school and this will go home every night with the child.

School will not be normal in September and we must try and adhere to social distancing where possible. We know that this will be extremely difficult for our youngest children.

There are some things you can do over the Summer that would greatly help us are:

1) Practice putting on and taking off own coat and fastening them.

2) Going to the toilet independently.

3) washing and drying hand independently.

4) using a tissue to wipe of blow their nose.

5) Getting dressed and undressed themselves. 

We will be giving you more information about P.E days, when we return to school. Please do not send in any P.E kits.


We will be visiting the forest school on site every Thursday. They do get very muddy and sometimes wet. We ask, if possible that you provide a waterproof suit ( fleece lined are the best) and a pair of wellingtons. We have found that if you buy a size larger, it is much better for putting coats underneath in the winter months. Please ensure that these are labelled with your childs name. Please bring these into school in a labelled carrier bag.

Have a fantastic Summer and We are really looking forward to seeing you in September.

Thank you

Miss Richards and Mr Alderson


We are always trying to improve our outdoor area and appeal to all children's interests. We welcome any donations if you have any bikes, scooters, old kitchen utensils or outdoor equipment you no longer use at home. We would appreciate any donations. Thank you 




We have been learning how to write words with our new phonics scheme sounds-write. 
We made soup today using some ingredients we had grown in our vegetable garden. We used the peelers and knives very carefully to peel and cut the vegetables before putting them into the soup maker. We enjoyed eating the soup around the fire circle in forest school. 
Spooky science day. 
We love visiting Forest school every Thursday afternoon. 
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