Prudhoe (Mr WatsonY1)

Covid-19 Home Learning
As you will be aware via the website and our Facebook page, the Summer 1 Learning Packs have been distributed to parents. You will find a copy of these below. 
Welcome to Prudhoe Class (Year 1).
This term we have been exploring everyday materials in Science.  We have looked at the various properties of different materials and why they are useful for their intended purposes.
In RE (Come and See) we are starting to look at Thanksgiving and  the Eucharist. 
In Maths we are focusing on understanding the different methods and ideas involved in addition and subtraction up to 20.
Within the topic of English, we are practising our use of conjunctions within sentences using capital letters and full stops.
In Geography we have taken a round the world trip to the seven continents of the world.  We have been looking at the location of each continent, the plants,  animals and some of the cultures found on those continents.
In Art we have been delving into the life and works of Henri Rousseau, particularly focusing on his drawings of plants and animals.
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