At St. Wilfrid's we understand the purchase of uniform can be costly. Although we do have uniform available from the office (please see price list below) we are also happy with non branded school jumpers and polo tops.

St Wilfrid’s Dress Code and Uniform


All items must be clearly marked with your child’s name.


  •          White or blue polo shirt.
  •          Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge.
  •          Grey or black trousers or skirts.
  •          Black low heel school shoes. (NOT trainers of any description or heels over 3cm).



  • One free book bag is given by school to all EYFS and KS 1 children.
  • Key Stage 2 children need to bring a bag to school which is plain and dark coloured (grey, black or navy).
  • Bags must be a reasonable size due to health and safety in corridors.

Please speak to office staff or senior leaders if you are unsure about any part of the uniform guidelines.


PE Kit

Every child is provided with a PE bag.


  •          PE kit is dark (black/navy) shorts, white polo shirt and black sandshoes or trainers.
  •          Children may have lessons outdoors so should have a tracksuit available.

 Replacement book bags and PE bags are available from the office at a small charge.


General Appearance



  • Children should not have any extremes of hair styles.
  • There should be no extreme colours, tramlines, tails, spikes or Mohicans or other designs in haircuts.
  • When children are using PE or other equipment they will be expected to tie long hair back for health and safety reasons.
  • Large bows or hair bands and slides with sharp edges or fixings are not allowed.



Makeup and nail varnish are not allowed.



  • In general jewellery at St. Wilfrid’s is not allowed. This is both for health and safety reasons and to prevent loss of valuable items.
  • Small ear studs may be worn if the child has pierced ears but these must either be removed or taped over for PE. Teachers cannot remove or tape earrings.
  • Watches can be worn but must be removed during PE and for any other activity where the teacher feels this is necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of the child to look after earrings and watches removed according to the rules above.