Working From Home

Keep an eye on this page to see the work you have shared that you have done at home!
Luna really enjoyed going on a mini-beast hunt, she saw a butterfly, ladybirds and rescued a dragonfly from a pond. Luna also found lots of tadpoles in the water which made her question what they were and what they turned into.
Lily, Year 4 (Mrs King/Mrs Trood's class).
She loved doing this particular task.
Evie has been using her sewing machine and the fabric she got for Christmas to make scrubs bags for family and friends who are caring for covid patients.  Evie’s also been creating lots of new clothing designs.

Henry has been completing lots of Beavers badges and challenges including building and sleeping in a den and helping the scouts to collectively hike to the moon by adding up his miles from daily walks. He has also been learning about flags of the world for a badge. Henry also had a visit from the tooth fairy for 3 teeth which were helped out after a incident with a roller boot and a skateboard (they were all wobbly anyway).

Together, Evie and Henry created a dinosaur park in the garden. They had a classroom session, a petting session, fact sheets about dinosaurs and a gift shop.
As part of Stefan's work from Mrs Wyeth we did a practical where he made a nutritious meal. We decided on spaghetti bolognese; the only part he didn't make was the pasta but it was very, very yummy.
Fynn and Thom's family are embracing lockdown!

The boys have learned about Viking’s and made their own long ships and Viking models.

They’ve enjoyed virtual Lego building play dates with their school friends.

Fynn and Thom have learned about time, have designed and helped build their own mud kitchen and we’ve camped in the garden the night Fynn was supposed to be at Ford Castle!