Physical Education

Physical Education

PE Lead: Caroline Carr BA QTS, Level 5 PE Qualification



All Our Children are physically, emotionally and spiritually aware human beings.


At St.Wilfrid's, we want all of our children to become confident, self-sufficient and aspirational children. We believe that through our high quality Physical curriculum, we will support in the development of skills and characteristics that will help all children to achieve their goals in life.


Our vision for all children at St. Wilfrid's is for them to discover and develop the joy of being active by promoting:

· A strong desire to learn and make progress, showing enjoyment and confidence in a range of skills.

· High levels of dedication, motivation, perseverance and attendance through the physical curriculum.

· High levels of enjoyment being physically active, leading to a lifelong love of sport.

· Positive attitudes and behaviour, showing a sense of pride in their abilities and a greater degree of well-being.


Physical Education Overview

Physical Education and Guidance Policy

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