Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education Lead: Mrs Margaret Dooner. B.A Hons, PGCE, Primary Mental Health Lead.


R.E Vision Statement

St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School Vision for Religious Education Our Vision for Religious Education “A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints.” Pope Benedict XVI St.Wilfrid’s curriculum has a richness and diversity, unified by a shared Catholic faith and founded on the ethos that we do not solely seek academic excellence but to nurture and encourage our children in the essence of their faith. In pursuit of this, we strive always to follow in the footsteps of Christ – Jesus is at the heart of all we do and teach. With His example at the forefront, it allows us to instil the values of faith, hope and love for all across our curriculum. We seek to instil in our pupils a genuine spirit of enquiry and search for truth, so that they may, for themselves, grow in their faith. In pursuit of this, it is our objective that our children are religiously literate – underpinned always by a strong theological understanding, and expressed through our Catholic social service. Furthermore, it is a fervent principle of ours to provide opportunities for our children to partake in collective worship, religious trips, pilgrimages, and charitable acts, so that they may live out their faith, and have powerful and positive experiences to support them throughout their lives. Ultimately, our school mission statement epitomises our vision for Religious Education – that inspired by Christ we grow and learn together, reaching our fullest potential.


R.E Overview

R.E Policy